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Enter chance to win cool merchandise and tacos

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“I’ve been dead for 35 years, but if I had had AguaLucha when I was wrestling in the 1950’s
I am sure I would have won every match”
El Santo
“Whenever I’m getting my butt kicked in the ring
I run to the corner and get an Agualucha.
Then I’m unstoppable”
El Rayo Enmascarado
“I had a bad case of taco teeth, with cilantro stuck all around my mouth. AguaLucha to the rescue and I looked great again!”
Cara D. Neenya
“I was in a street fight and some dude threw a drink at me. It hurt, but when I opened and tried the AguaLucha my head stopped hurting and I was in great shape. I can’t wait to the next fight!”
Chico Vergara