Mexicans for generations have enjoyed flavorful fruit waters that complement the variety of their regional cuisines and dishes.


You can find different flavors—depending on what fruits are in season—in most market stalls, restaurants, and street vendors that set up in major street corners. These are all-natural, homemade, highly refreshing drinks made simply with fruit pulp, water, and cane sugar.


The most popular flavors in Mexico are not well known in the US: Jamaica (made by brewing hibiscus flowers) and Tamarindo (from the pulp of the tamarind seed pod, grown on the Pacific Coast and in Yucatán). Aguas Frescas are blended in vitroleras, which are giant barrel-shaped glass containers.


Mexican food is the best in the world ¡a huevo! We have a huge regional variety of dishes and exciting flavors beyond the tacos, burritos, and enchiladas that everyone now craves. Try tortas, tlayudas, and sopes, they’re increíble!


If you love Mexican beer and tequila you will also love our aguas frescas–they will help you handle the hottest salsas.


Si te pica el chile al morder, AguaLucha has de beber.


Mexico developed its professional wrestling (call Lucha Libre) leagues by the early 1930’s. Legends such as El Santo and Blue Demon helped to popularize the iconic masked look of the luchadores (wrestlers). Luchadores styled their lucha technique and image as a Técnico (technical) or a Rudo (rough). Lucha Libre adopted a unique Mexican flair with fanciful moves, colorful outfits, and the phenomenal showdowns “máscara contra cabellera” in which the losing luchador either has his mask removed or his head shaved. Beginning in the 1950’s, the Arena México in Mexico City became the biggest venue for the most prestigious championships. Today, most major Mexican cities and even some cities in the US have thriving Lucha Libre leagues and a growing base of devoted fans.


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