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AguaLucha arose from a long, uniquely Mexican tradition of good food and drink. Our founders grew up eating en los mercados de México, where tacos and tortas were always eaten with freshly made aguas frescas. We honor those vendors of our memories with our own traditional flavors of aguas frescas made with real ingredients, such as mandarina, limón, jamaica, and tamarindo — siempre sin porquerías.

The care and effort we put into advancing the agua fresca tradition is inspired by lucha libre, Mexican professional wrestling league. Our founders’ own ancestor was El Machudo, a luchador in Mexico City who wrestled with legends such as El Santo and as we bring more focus onto Mexican culture in the United States, we always seek to embody “la lucha,” the fighting spirit Latinos show in their daily lives. Join the lucha, drunk AguaLucha.